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Terms of Use

Dear rider
Here are the attentions before riding the electric bikes :
1: Check the Handle bar nuts, front wheels and wheels wheels nuts ,and pedal nuts ,and other main nuts . Must be tight. For safety.
2: Check the front and rear brakes , When braking ,the current should be cut-off and stop the wheels.
3: Rider must wear helmet and other protection equipements.
4: Ebikes should not be put in water or under rain. 
5: Ebikes should not be put closed to fires
6: When start riding, please pedal for 2secound before use the throttle if you have it.
7:Folding ebike must make sure the folding frame and folding stem are all closed and tight.
8: Ebike isdeisgn for one person use ,don't carry more than 1 person on the bike and dont put more than 25kg goods with you on the ebike.
9: When stop the bike, please make sure the battery is turned off and kickstander is working .
10: If not use the ebike for a long time , please charge the ebike every 2 months and do some other maintenance.
Wish you have a fun rider.

Hi Joe Bike Limited